Get These 5 Fashion Pieces For Fall!

Autumn, Jackets, Shopping / Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Does anyone else get their complete Autumn wardrobe inspiration from Gilmore Girls, or is it just me?


Hello and welcome back to my blog!!

Current mood is cozy because IT FEELS LIKE FALL IN AUGUST! I think maybe the world is trying to give me a teaser of my favorite season. Now all I can think about are pumpkins and cinnamon and multicolored leaves.

Hat: PacSun Button Up: Forever 21 Top: Forever 21 Bag: Forever 21

Even if this is just a temporary thing, it brings me to the topic of- are you ready for Fall though? Lets go over the top five MUST HAVE PIECES to make sure you’re ready for when that first red leaf hits the ground.

  1. Lets start with the obvious- BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS…. oh and BOOTS!?! Do people stop wearing boots when its hot out? I mean, I do…but I don’t like it and wake up and tell my boots every morning that we’ll be reunited soon. If you don’t have a pair of comfortable cute boots, make sure to get it this season. Not only do they look cute with so many outfits including skinny jeans AND skirts, they are good at keeping you comfortable and warm. I recommend one pair that is more standard and you can get away with wearing to work and one that is more casual and goes with jeans. You wont regret the purchase!
  2. A Turtle Neck Sweater- I know some people don’t like them, but they are the quintessential fall clothing item! If you don’t like something so tight around your neck, find the kind that has a looser neck -it still counts!
  3. Biker/Moto Jacket- These complete every fall outfit. Just picture yourself going out at night and its a little chilly…you’re wearing skinny jeans and a white spaghetti strapped top- pretty plain. But throw on that army green jacket and all of a sudden your cool factory has tripled!
  4. Plaid- Whether its a cute plaid dress for work or a bad ass dropped plaid button down, its the pattern of the season. Plus, it makes every outfit more edgy! Make sure to incorporate it in your style rotation and complements are guaranteed.
  5. Your “Go To” Hat- it could be a baseball cap, a burgundy brimmed hat, or a baker boy hat…Fall is WINDY! Bring that hat with you to keep your hair down, curls in tact, and look stylish too!

Do we start a count down? Na thats too much (silently calculates the days left of Summer). Enjoy your day!