Train With Vi!

Work Out, Work Wear / Thursday, October 4th, 2018

I’m going to switch things up here and talk about my workout routine since I tend to get a lot of questions about that. I am not someone who LOVES working out, but I do it for my overall health- mentally and physically. Getting into that initial routine is probably the hardest part, and then once you build the habit, the addition to working out starts.

I like to switch up my work outs. Sometimes I do body weight work outs, sometimes I play sports, sometimes I do yoga, etc. I like to make it diverse so it isn’t the same thing over and over again. I need to keep things diverse so I don’t get bored and to keep my body from getting used that work out.

Right now, I am trying to get better with running. I signed up for a 5k Thanksgiving “Turkey Trot” and also am starting my next season of flag football on Monday, which I need to be a steady/fast runner for.

That brings me into my excitement of the new technology I’ve been using to get my running up to speed.

I’ve been using Vi Sense which is an app and headphones that function as a virtual running coach. The technology is like nothing I’ve used before in an app or with headphones I’ve purchased. I first downloaded the app, and “Vi” speaks to me to find out some information about me- my age, height, weight, running goals, etc. Then it gives me week runs based off of where I am with running. For example, my runs this week are two 2.5 miles within 30 minutes with 5 minute cool down. It tells me around how many calories I will burn- 225. I can also choose to do this run inside or outside, depending on the weather.

Since I am not a constant runner, it starts me at an easy level as seen below.  

As time goes on and my body gets used to the current work outs, they’ll advance. Some additional features that are super helpful/cool is that I can speak to Vi. If I’m running and I want to see my progress, I can say, “Hey Vi, how am I doing?” and she’ll give me my progress. The headphones also keep track of my heart rate so I can make sure I am at a fat burning rate or just keeping it steady. Plus, she motivates me while I run! It’s seriously like hiring a personal trainer, minus the insane cost.

Get the app here with 7 day free trial!! –>