A Fashion Bloggers Version of Minimalism

How this fashion blogger incorporates minimalism in every day life. / Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is something different to each person. To some, it’s owning so little that you can pack up all of your belongings in a medium sized bag. To others, it’s having only 7 outfits, one for each day of the week. I’ve even seen it portrayed as a style type, consisting of simple fabrics and solid colors.

To me, minimalism is only owning things that you use on a weekly basis.

I first learned about minimalism from the documentary on Netflix (called Minimalism). In the documentary, two men discuss their transition from living paycheck to paycheck, to getting rid of all their belongings that they can’t travel with. Since watching the documentary, it’s been hard for the me to kick the concept out of my mind.

Jacket from Forever 21

I’ve always been someone who shops as therapy. I love wearing new clothes to work or out with friends. I feel excited to keep up with the current trends. Some may say I’m addicted to shopping. I used to go to stores and purchase shirts that I would never wear or didn’t love. It would sit in my closet, and I’d tell myself that I’m going to wear it or need it one day. I never did, though.

As I’ve gotten older and learned more about finances and responsibility, I haven’t stopped shopping (obviously, given what I’m doing here), but I’ve gotten smarter about buying things that I will actually wear.

Now, when I’m debating purchasing a sweater, for example, I try it on, see how comfortable it is, think of what I own that I could pair it with, and how many times I would want to wear it. If the answers to these questions come to not comfortable, nothing to wear it with, or I would only wear it once or twice, I pass.

What are the benefits of minimalism?

The thought of getting rid of items that you have an attachment towards is tough. The first time I decided to sit down and go through all my belongings to see what I needed, I would stare at the item for a while and try to come up with reasons I would need it. If I couldn’t think of any, I found myself feeling bad due to where it came from or for wasting money.

Needless to say, it wasn’t very effective the first round.

My second attempt, though, felt liberating. I didn’t let myself think like I had before, and instead thought of how my donations of these items will help those in need, and how much room I will have afterwards. I was actually excited. By the end of it, I had so many clothes to donate to Good Will.

There are so many people out there who are in need and would love what I was getting rid of. Someone else could wear it every day or every other day, while I was most likely leaving that item in a bin, never to be touched.

Besides the positive of helping others, I felt so free afterwards. I was able to prioritize all of the clothes I do wear. I ironed them, hung them up front and center in my closet, and knew what to wear to work the next day. Not only that, there was more walking room and storage to display my cherished belongings. It was like clearing out my stuff cleared out my stress.

Does having stuff=stress? Something to think about.

Additionally, I started to see the money in my bank account stabilize. I had more to transfer to savings, more to invest, and more to put towards experiences instead of things.

How does a fashion blogger successfully minimize? 

This is something that I had struggled with when I first became a fashion blogger. I wanted to stay relevant, but also didn’t want to go back to my old shopping habits, knowing the negative feelings that came with it. It took a lot of research of other fashion bloggers to figure out the right balance.

Here’s what I discovered: I don’t have to wear a new item of clothing in every single one of my posts. THAT’S RIGHT!

Do you remember in middle school math when your teacher had you come up with how many combinations you can come up with of three different numbers without repeating any? For example, the numbers 1 2 3 can be 3 2 1, 1 3 2, 2 3 1 , 1 3 2, etc. The same thing can be done with outfits! There are so many different ways to wear clothes and shoes, it doesn’t have to be repeated that often! Sometimes, I can even post an outfit that I’ve posted before because not all of my followers saw it the first time around. No one said you have to max out your credit cards to be a fashion blogger!

Now this isn’t to say that I never shop- I do. It’s something that I love to do because I truly love fashion. However, I will make sure to set a clear budget for myself, and to only do it once per season, OR if I need to replace an item (like if I got a hole in my black work pants for example). Otherwise, I stick with what I own and try to switch it up with different shoes, different accessories, and different color combinations.

Is minimalism for you?

Don’t take someone else’s word for it. Make sure to do your research, see where you are in life with your spending and how you keep your belongings, and then make the best decision that works for yourself. I highly recommend watching the documentary, Minimalism, to get more information. There are also Instagrams/Blogs solely dedicated to minimalists. My favorites are www.instagram.com/theminimalistwardrobe and www.instagram.com/thegoodwearblog .

Also, if you are a minimalist, make sure to comment on my post telling me what works for you! I’d love to hear about it.