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Can we just jump right to the best part of this outfit – THE SUSPENDERS! I love them. Did I need them to hold up my skirt? No. Do they look cute anyways? HELL YEAH! I love that they are brown and blue…its such a classic style. The rest of the outfit just fell into place after that. The shirt is by A New Day from Target and I paired it with my 70’s style button up blue skirt from Forever 21. The Mary Jane heels from Journee completed the look, and I think I am now ready to head back to a prior decade and live a groovy life.


Outfit Details- Shirt:Target|Skirt:Forever 21|Suspenders:H&M|Shoes:Journee
 Shirt     Skirt     Suspenders     Heels

Hey Guys!

Welcome back from the little hiatus! I took some time to travel to Arizona to go hiking (which I will be sharing my pics with you soon), AND I’ll be going to Chicago this week! In the midst of all the craziness though, some exciting things are happening that I am going to share with you now.

I am officially partnering with an amazing company called Frenzy to make things so much easier for you guys when looking at my pictures. Going forward, when you hover over any picture I post on here, there will be a little link at the top left corner that says “Shop”. When you click it, items will pop up that are either the exact items I am wearing or similar items. You can click right on the items to go to the website’s item directly and buy whatever you feel like!

Some reasons why this is awesome for you and awesome for me:

  1. These links will constantly update, so if you ever decide to go back to my older posts and want to find something similar to what I am wearing, the program will update to give you something that is being sold in stores currently. Right now if you go back to my older posts and click on a link I have up, the item is probably going to be sold out/unavailable.
  2. It saves me a lot of time so I can post more for you guys! Believe it or not, finding the same or similar items can be very time consuming.
  3. You can see pictures of the items you are interested in right from my blog before clicking on it! To me, a preview is always helpful.

ALSO- My posting style is going to be changing up along with this. Instead of seven outfits weekly every Sunday, I am going to be posting one new outfit as often as I can until I decide on a specific schedule. The reason for this is that it works with Frenzy a lot better to have one outfit at a time in a post. PLUS the photo shoot is so much more fun for me that way and I get to show you more details in each outfit! (I definitely had a lot of fun taking these pics if you can’t tell Ü)

So there you have it! I hope y0u are just as excited as I am about the new style and are able to use this amazing tool for your online shopping and work style.

Love ya ♥ N