Hair Care Made For You With Formulate

Hair Care / Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Hey There! Im writing to you on what is now my Saturday night…

…where I had planned to go out to a Starbucks, or a library, or something that would entice my creative mind. Instead, I ate about 6 cookies from Reading Terminal Market, threw my hair up in a bun, and got under the covers. Living the wild life!

Speaking of my hair, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I recently got rid of all the blonde balayage and embraced my natural brown hair. My eyebrows finally match my head again.

I was talking to a colleague of mine the other day, who also tends to go back and forth between light and dark hair, and we both agreed that our hair always seems healthier when its brown. Do you get that feeling too? I’m trying to grow my hair out, so my hairs’ health will be important for me this winter until I dye it back in the summer time.

That brings me to my next topic of discussion relating to my hair care- shampoo and conditioner. I am always switching my hair products, hoping to find the perfect one for my hair type. I would go to Target or Ulta (when I wanted to be fancy) and stare at shelves upon shelves of products, not knowing which hair problem that the bottle promises to fix would be the right one for me. Did I want to grow my hair? Or, is it more important for me to fix my split ends? Did I need the brand made specifically for brunettes”, or for curly hair? No shampoo and conditioner were ever quite right.

Then one day, I was introduced to a brand called Formulate, and I now feel like my hair care problems have been solved! If you haven’t heard of Formulate, they are a company that manufactures shampoo and conditioner made specifically for you by learning your hair type based on questions asked about your hair. Then, their chemists create a shampoo and conditioner specific to your hair type and hair goals.

It was pretty fun answering the questions on their website, because who doesn’t like to talk about themselves?

I was asked if my hair is dyed, the length, the thickness of a strand, and the goals I had for my hair. I want to grow it, strengthen it, have more manageability, and thicken my hair. You can see more of what I chose on my profile by clicking HERE. They also asked me how potent I want the scents of my shampoo and conditioner, and the scent I would like. I chose very potent in a green tea scent (called Green With Envy).

My package arrived quickly in a cute little box with a card addressed to me, and I washed my hair that night using my new shampoo and conditioner. Now, I’ll be very honest with you- it wasn’t on point when I first used it. The formula they came up with for me made my hair too greasy. I contacted them and told them what was wrong, and they were so nice and responsive, and immediately sent me a brand new set with corrections. That set was perfect.

Now I am going to reveal something to you guys that I really only tell my close friends and my poor coworkers who sit next to me. I only wash my hair once a week. Some of you may think thats disgusting, but I have curly, dry hair, and the more often I wash it, the drier it becomes. The reason I’m telling you this is because I’ve only used my new shampoo and conditioner from Formulate a handful of times since I received it. However, the noticeable difference in my hair is amazing. I am telling you, I feel like my hair has gotten thicker. It hasn’t grown down to my butt or anything, but I am seeing the overall health of my hair improve. Now when I straighten it at 410 degrees (the max my chi will get to), I don’t feel like my hair is splitting apart as I go. I’ve also noticed that when I put it up in a bun, which I do so often, there seems to be more hair to keep the bun in place.

Now to the very fun part. I’ve been given the opportunity to do a giveaway to one lucky Instagrammer living in the US. You can have the chance to win your own set of Formulate shampoo and conditioner made specifically for you hair type and hair goals. All you have to do is make sure you are following myself and Formulate on Instagram, and then click HERE to enter your information for a chance to win. I will be picking a winner on November 1st, so make sure to enter ASAP!