Quick and Easy Last Minute Halloween Make Up

Halloween, Make Up / Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Happy almost Halloween! In the process of deciding what I want to be for Halloween, I tried to recreate some Halloween make up looks that I found on YouTube and Pinterest that can be done quickly, easily, and last minute. I hate spending money on Halloween things because I usually feel like I can’t ever use them again. That’s why, when choosing make up looks to recreate, I decided to only do ones that I can mimic with things I would have already/in my make up bag. Check out the looks I recreated below, and what I needed to do it.

SIDE NOTE– I am not an artistic person at all, so these would probably look better if you recreate them than how it appeared for me. #CantColorInTheLines


What’s Needed: Red Lipgloss (add water to it if its too sticky or try a lipstick), Eye Brow Brush, Red Eye Shadow.

This is the tutorial I followed from YouTube for this look. If I were to be Chucky for Halloween, I probably would buy a red wig from Party City or spray paint my hair red like she did. I started out by doing my regular make up first, and then followed the tutorial so the Halloween make up is on top. Its not my favorite look out of all of them, but it was quick and gets the point across (especially with the red/orange hair).


Look #2- Simba(Or Nala)

What’s Needed: Liquid Liner, Pink Lipstick/Lip Gloss, Light and Dark Shade of Foundation, Bronzer, and White Eyeliner or Eye Shadow

For this look, there wasn’t a tutorial, so I tried to copy what I saw in the photo as best as I could with what I had. Luckily, I am always such a different shade in the winter and the summer, so I had a wide range of foundation shades. I used my darkest foundation color for the whole face, and then used a really light concealer, that I usually use for under my eyes, for the mouth. For the neck, I put on two layers of the dark foundation, and then topped it with my darkest bronzer.

I didn’t have a white eyeliner, so I used my white eye shadow for under the eyes. I lined my eyes, eye brows, nose, mouth and whiskers with my black liquid liner, and used a pink lipstick to color in my nose.

Again, its not perfect, but I can’t even draw a straight line…I have faith in you guys though!

Look #3- Creepy Doll

What’s Needed: Pencil or Liquid Eye Liner, Blush, Pink Lipstick, White Eye Shadow or Eye Liner

I feel like the pictures I took for this look don’t do justice for how it looked in person. This is another one where there wasn’t a specific tutorial that I followed, but instead mirrored the picture below. If you do better with a tutorial though, just YouTube “Creepy Doll Make Up”, and there are so many options. I think the key here is to used really pigmented eye liner or eye shadow to get that fake mouth look. Overall, it’s such an easy look to recreate, make up wise. I think if I were to be this for halloween, I would go all out and tease all of my hair so it looks like I’ve been electrocuted or something, and dress in a quintessential “doll dress”.


Look #4- GUTS/CUTS

What’s Needed: Glue (I used clear- doesn’t matter what color), Toilet Paper, Red Lipstick and/or Lip Gloss, Bronzer, Tweezers, and Black Eye Shadow

This one is my favorite! It looks like it would be so complicated to recreate, but I think I did it in 10 minutes? I started off with my regular make up routine again, and then followed the YouTube video below. There wasn’t any fake blood lying around…naturally…so I used a few different red lip glosses I have to create the red inside the cut and drippy blood look. Also, I used bronzer around my neck and forehead to create a “dirt” look, like I got into a scuffle.

If I were to go out in this look, I would probably wear all black or put a rip in a t-shirt to make it look like I just came from a fight with someone or from robbing a bank or something.


Look #5- Lara Croft

What’s Needed: Very Light Foundation or Concealer, Liquid Eyeliner, Brown Eye Shadow, Pink Lip Stick or Liner, Brown Lipstick or Liner, White Liner or Highlighter, Dark Eye Brow Pencil, Contour Cream, Bronzer, and the Ability to French Braid or Braid.

I pretty much followed this tutorial to a T. The only things I did differently was use a highlighter instead of a white eyeliner, and used brown eye shade for my lip instead of a dark lipstick. I am actually going to be Lara Croft for Halloween, so in addition to the black shirt and shorts, I am going to try to find a fake gun and that belt that Angelina Jolie is wearing in the picture below. I’m excited about this one though and it didn’t take long at all!

So those are the looks I was able to tackle last minute with what I had from home. I hope you guys are able to get some idea’s from these looks or use one of them if you have to do a last minute Halloween costume! Make sure to tag me @thatnadialook if you end up using one of these- I would totally want to see it!

Be safe out there on Halloween