Is “Corporate Attire” Dead?

2018 Corporate Style, Casual Look, Corporate, Work Items, Work Wear / Wednesday, August 15th, 2018


Hat: Old Navy
Dress: PacSun (In Stores Only) (Similar)
Heels: Michael Kors (Similar)

I took a poll about a month ago asking my followers on Instagram if their dress code at work is business casual or casual- more than half said casual.

After being in a corporate office for 7 years now, it’s amazing how much things have changed since I started. I was brought on with a manager who is what some would call “old school” and liked things done a certain way, including the way everyone dressed. Men were to wear suits every day in blue or black with dress shoes. Women were expected to wear suits, blazers, button downs, heels, and neutral colors.

As years passed and newer employees started with the company, I noticed the corporate attire beginning to change. Men were wearing different colored/patterned shirts like pink and paisley, women were wearing shorter dresses and pants with pockets on the butt (which was a big no no from what I knew).

In my position, its common that I go to other companies for meetings, and  I started to see this trend in other offices as well. I found myself severely over dressed in my suits during my client meetings. Most of them had casual dress codes, and the ones that didn’t were only a step above casual (no jeans or sneakers).

I slowly began to accept the shift in what “corporate attire” actually is now, and I believe it opened up so many doors for corporate fashion, which is what inspired me to start my blog in January! There are so many options now for men and women to individualize themselves in the work place while still adhering to most company dress policies.

Expect to see a mix of business professional, business casual, and casual outfits to wear in the work place going forward – Gotta mix things up for the masses! 😉 Comment below on what your work dress code/norm is!