NOT Accomplishing Your 2018 Goals

Goals / Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

Remember January 1st, 2018 – a snowy new beginning with a blank year ahead of you, ready to be filled in with your story.

It’s an awakening feeling to have a clean slate and see how much you can conquer in the new year. Did you set goals for yourself in January? Even if they weren’t specific goals that you wrote down and checked in on, did you tell yourself even one thing you were going to accomplish in 2018? What were they? Did you accomplish them yet? I bet everyone is asking themselves these questions around this time of year.

I’m a “goals” person, to say the least.

I like lists and seeing the things that I want to accomplish in numbers, bullet points, and dates. People actually make fun of me for the types of lists that I make like, “Things around the house to clean on what day of the week”, “Tasks to get done during lunch”, or “Three things that I have to do to succeed but find absolutely terrifying”.

Given that fact, I definitely wrote down a list that I wanted to accomplish in 2018. I knew it was going to be a big year for me. I had just started my blog, moved out of my last apartment, hit a huge goal at work… things were starting off completely different than the year before and I knew I could either waste it or slay it. Naturally, I created a list of new years goals for myself, determined to stick to them and be the best version of myself that I could be.

Here’s the list of goals that I set up for myself in January:

  1. Read 50 books (audiobooks included in total)
  2. Stay fit and be able to do 10 pull ups straight
  3. Pay off all credit card debt
  4. Go to bed at 10:30PM
  5. Wake up every morning at 6:30AM
  6. Make food at home more
  7. Make All Stars (Work/recruiting total billing goal)
  8. Work from home at least 15 minutes a day
  9. Walk Plato once a day
  10. Learn to say no

Looking back at these goals now in October makes me laugh a little. I sure as hell did not accomplish all of these! I’ve read/listened to 12 books. I’ve maintained a healthy weight, but I can only still do 1 pull up. I just about paid off my credit card debt (which is a huge thing for me!). I do go to sleep at 10:30PM almost every night, mainly because I’m exhausted from my day. I sure as hell don’t wake up at 6:30AM, I NEVER make food at home. I am no where near making All Stars at work. I don’t work even a second from home, let alone 15 extra minutes after work. I try to walk Plato, but he is so lazy (which is a him problem, not me right?). I’ve recently gotten better at saying no.

Overall, I didn’t accomplish the majority of my 2018 goals.

At this point, I have a couple of choices on how to react– I could be depressed about it and say “forget it, I suck”, I could rush to get them all done in three months and stress myself out about it, or I could look back at these amazing goals that I set up for myself and smile at how determined I was to grow.

This is how I see new year goals and goals in general: Think of when you play a video game with levels. Each level you have a task you’re supposed to accomplish and skills you gain until you get to the end of the level, and then you fight the boss. Without those skills you accomplished along the way though, you wouldn’t be strong enough to fight the boss and advance in the game. You’d be stuck in the same place you started.

Setting small goals to get yourself to that new level will allow you to “reach the boss” in a sense. Without them, you’ll  just be in the same level of the game forever.

However, goals are also something that need to be reviewed and reevaluated.

I’m not in the same place I was when I started 2018. While trying to accomplish those goals that I had set for myself, I also learned new skills, positioned myself in a new direction and have new priorities. For example, staying fit is important to me still, but I don’t need to be able to do 10 pull ups in order to move on to where I’m trying to go in life now.

While it’s an excellent time to look back at where you were in January and what you wanted to accomplish, make sure you look back while reflecting where you are in your life now. Decide if the goals you made are still pertinent for you now, or if it’s something you can remove from your mind to make room for something else that will get you to where you want to go. If you don’t need it anymore, smile at it and let it go! If it’s something thats still important to you, but not yet accomplished, think of how you can take smaller steps to get closer to that goal.

All I’m saying is, don’t stress yourself out over “pull ups”…

…because no matter what, you’re growing as a person every day and learning what you need and what you don’t need to ready yourself for your future. Finish 2018 out strong and get ready to make a new set of goals that you can begin to tackle and will lead you to where you’re trying to go, or possibly somewhere you never thought about going.

I hope your 4th quarter is filled with pumpkins, cozy sweaters, and end of year bonuses!