Sedona, Arizona

2018 Corporate Style, Arizona, Danners, Travel / Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Welcome to Sedona, Arizona!

Sweater:H&M|Leggings:Pink VS|Boots:Danner|Hat: Aerie

  Sports Bra: Pink VS|Leggings: Pink VS|Boots:Danner

Overalls: Forever 21|Shoes: Old Navy|Bag: Banana Republic

Welcome back to my blog where as you can see, I had an amazing time in Sedona! I wanted to share with you my favorite pictures and also go over what we did in case you ever feel like traveling there yourself!

My two friends and I camped out at a camping ground in Cottonwood (tent and all) and we woke up early each morning to go hiking. The mountains were about 25 minutes or so from the camp grounds, so not too bad, and it was much cheaper than staying in a hotel or an Air BNB.

This was the first time I have ever camped, and it was quite an experience!

Sedona was decently warm in the day, but at night it dropped to 40 degrees. We had to sleep with hand warmers in our sleeping bags to keep from freezing! I definitely recommend going end of may or early June if you are planning on camping outside!

We hiked Wilson Mountain and Devil’s Bridge; both were amazing. Wilson Mountain was much longer than Devil’s Bridge, and has a beautiful scenery when you get to the top, as you can see in the first picture. Devil’s Bridge is much shorter- about 6 miles in total- and has the actual bridge at the end, which was such a cool picture (6th picture from the top).

The boots I’m wearing in the hiking pictures may look familiar to you- they are indeed the boots Reese Witherspoon/Cheryl Strayed wore in “Wild”! I bought them in January when I hiked in Shenandoah, originally just to say I had the boots from “Wild”. However, I have to say, these are the best hiking boots out there. They grip so well and probably saved my life during a few of my recent hiking adventures! I highly recommend them to anyone who is going on a more strenuous hike with a rock scramble.
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We ate at some amazing restaurants that I highly recommend including:

  1. Vino Di Sedona (left) – lively, amazing food, tons of wine to choose from, and live music that set the bar so high for me!
  2. The Hudson-  also lively, delicious food- great for a fancier night out if you want one while there
  3. Tamaliza (below)- the best Mexican food you will ever eat. So many choices including for vegans and vegetarians, not loaded with cheese like other Mexican places do, and adorable venue

Something else that we did that I feel was pretty unique is we got our aura photographed. I had never heard of this either, so you are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. Basically there are many shops within the town that you can visit, ask to have your aura photographed, and they take a picture of you while you are holding a stone that is supposed to help in detecting your aura. Your picture will show up on the screen and the print outs with a bunch of colors surrounding you, and the colors are supposed to determine your aura at this given time. Each of the different shades of colors around you represent something different. I take it with a grain of salt, but it was so much fun to do and read about!

If you’ll notice all the beautiful pictures like the hummingbird and the butterfly, those were taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, which is a must see! They have a butterfly exhibit and a hummingbird spot as you can see above, which I loved! Plus, all of the different plants and flowers they have there are pretty cool to read about and smell. They also have a ton of events there weekly, so definitely go on their website before you visit and see what is happening during your trip! Desert Botanical Garden

Overall, the trip was so amazing and I would recommend visiting Arizona to anyone, even if you aren’t looking to hike or camp!

Now back to the corporate life. 😉