Five Habits to Adapt to Ensure Success

Keys to Success / Sunday, November 11th, 2018

Success isn’t achieved over night. You have to work for it! Adapt these five habits to take a step closer to success and help accomplish your goals.

Have you ever looked at someone who became successful “over night” and thought about how they got there? A lot of people account others’ success to luck or talent. That might be part of it, but no one sees the work that person puts in to get there. I believe that if you work hard (and I mean very hard for a long period of time), you’ll succeed.

I recently read the book Hillbilly Elegy, which is what got me thinking about this topic. The book is about the author who grew up with next to nothing in “hillbilly” Ohio. With the little he was given, he turned himself into a Yale Law graduate and successful lawyer. He would only sleep for 5 hours a night and would use the hours in his day to work three jobs to pay for his degree, and study in between those jobs. He wasn’t born a genius, though. When he was in high school, he almost failed out. He taught himself the keys to success and worked as hard as he could to get what he wanted.

What does it mean to be a hard worker, though? These are my top five suggestions to kick start into successful habits.

Be An Early Riser

Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day. What you do with every hour of that day is what sets you apart from others. If you wake up even an hour earlier every day, you’re giving yourself an extra 7 hours a week to get something done. That’s almost a full work day of time!

While sleep is important, it makes more sense to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier because there are more productive things that you can get done in the morning while everyone else is asleep. You could go to the gym to start your day and give yourself more energy, create your schedule for the week, or cook yourself a healthy breakfast instead of rushing and grabbing a meal that is filled with fat and preservatives. Waking up early is one of the most important things you can change to take a step towards being more successful.

Put Yourself Out There, Even If It Makes You Uncomfortable

Girl sitting on bench in blazer exuding success

People have a lot of opinions about what others are doing. When I first started blogging, the thought of people making fun of my content scared me so much. I put myself out to the world in a pretty vulnerable way and created something from scratch that had to be formed in the public eye. Instead of stopping because of that fear, I used it as motivation to keep going and prove to myself and others that I can do what I’m setting my mind to. People may still make fun of me, but they’ve also gotten used to what I’m doing. When you start something, a lot of people might doubt what you, but if you truly believe in it, you have to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and keep going.

Have a Regimented Schedule

Starting something new is overwhelming when you think of the big picture. You might wonder how you can fit everything into one day. The way that I handle this is by sticking to a schedule that I created for myself, rarely faltering from it. It’s easy to procrastinate or give in to hanging out with your friends instead of doing the work you need to do. However, the best part about a schedule is you can also block time out for the things you enjoy. This way, you’ll know you completed your work in the allotted time and you won’t have to feel guilty while relaxing.

Girl standing strongly in blazer showing success

Outfit Details: Blazer- H&M, Top- Express, Pants- Adidas, Shoes- DSW

Learn to Say No

That being said, you’ll have to learn to say no to invites when you’re scheduled to be working. The people in your life love you and want to spend time with you, of course. However, if you don’t learn to say no to your friends who want to hang out when you have your scheduled work time, you’ll never get anything done. It’s common to want to put off the work and tell yourself that you’ll get it done later. However, creating that habit will only put you further behind from where you want to be. Instead, tell your friends that you do want to see them and refer back to your schedule for your free time so you can still make future plans. Trust me, it sucks at first, but you’ll be thankful once you see how much you end up accomplishing.

Accept Failure

Failure is a big part of life. When I first set out to do something, I always seem to think everything will work out as planned. I learned so much in less than a year of blogging by constant attempts and failures. When something didn’t work, the thought always crossed my mind to give up. I had to fight through that and learn that it’s okay if what I tried didn’t work. That just means I’m one step closer to what does work. If you fail, analyze why, accept it, and try again. Eventually, your attempt will work.

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I hope these tips help you to start out or continue on with your goals/dreams! If you want to learn more about success and positive mindsets to get you there, check out some of my favorite books HERE that go over similar habits but in more detail. Now go conquer life!