10 Things to Do In August Before Life Gets Crazy!

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10 Things to Do In August Before Life Gets Crazy

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Depending on what type of business you work in, August can either be extremely busy or completely dead. In the staffing world that I am in, it’s pretty slow! Most people aren’t running to get a job before Autumn, but instead squeezing in those last minute vacations until the craze of September kicks in.

I always have a never ending to-do list of things I have been wanting to get done or fun activities I’ve wanted to do, but work and life is always too hectic to allow for it. This month, I am finally going to take a shot at it and see what I can get done when things are a little slower. NOTE- List not intended to be done while at work! 🙂

  1. SPRING CLEAN IN THE SUMMER- I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of crap that has accumulated since January that I never use. This includes clothes, shoes, make up, pet toys, random knickknacks, lotions, games, etc. August is the perfect time to gather these things and find somewhere to donate, sell, or give to friends so that you can declutter your life and have a fresh start for the new season in September. It’s so hard to do, but trust me, if you haven’t used that item all summer, you wont miss it!
  2. SHOP TILL YOU DROP– Stores already have their fall lines out. This is a great time to start scouring the clothing racks for your favorite cold weather pieces before they’re sold out. Replace anything that is worn out from last year, maybe (finally) buy that heavier coat that you always put off buying, venture out and buy a funky colored boot…etc. Then when September whether roles around, you’ll be ready and stylish instead of scrambling for whatever is left over in stores last minute.
  3. GTL!– Okay maybe not that exactly…. but squeeze in more gym time and beach/pool time! It is so much harder to drag myself to the gym when its chilly outside and I had a really busy day at work. If I can kill it at the gym this month, I’ll be starting out the season in a good place where if I need to miss a few gym sessions, it wont throw me off too much. On the same note, there isn’t much time left to catch the sun at its fiercest, so now is a great time to lay out and perfect that tan (wear sunblock-avoid wrinkles!). If you’re not into tanning, just go out and enjoy the warmth before its gone!
  4. READ– Finish those books you started but never got around to completing, or the ones that have been on your reading list since January. For me, I am reading one non-fiction book, listening to one audio non-fiction book, and ready to start one fiction book before it becomes a movie (A Simple Favor). It’s a lot and I would love to complete them and maybe stick to only one book (wishful thinking). If you aren’t currently reading anything, check out my recent reads HERE or on GOODREADS!
  5. PLAN OUT YOUR YEAR– This may seem obsessive or unnecessary but its helpful to reduce stress or bring clarity to your plans and budgets. Look back at your goals that you set for 2017…Did you want to travel a lot? Were you going to meet a fitness goal? Change your look? Whatever it is, try and get it done in the next 5 months. Check out some locations to travel to along with prices, the best time to go, and fun things to do. Schedule your work outs in your planner and the day you want to hit your goal by. Whatever that plan is, don’t just think about it but write it down, work it out and confirm it. Then you can make sure to have enough money or materials ready for when that time comes.
  6. DETOX– Summer is usually filled with hot dogs, burgers, chips, and ice cream and your body is probably so used to all the processed food. August is a great time to flush all of that out of your system. Find a good detox plan that works for you- replace fried eggs with a fresh homemade juice blend, save money on Panera salads and make the salad at home, take a break from drinking alcohol until September…whatever works best for you to get yourself feeling strong and ready to rock in September.
  7. LEARN A NEW SKILL/HOBBY- It takes 30 days for a habit to kick in which is the perfect amount of time until things get crazy again in September. Some ideas might be meditating, yoga, a new sport, working out, a new language or a blog! I’ve been trying to get into meditating and stretching because my anxiety has been out of control lately, so I’m hoping August will be the right time to incorporate it into my daily routine.
  8. GO VISIT A FRIEND YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IN A WHILE– Or one that lives in another state! Because why not??
  9. TAKE A ROAD TRIP-Maybe you can’t miss work to go anywhere far, but you’d be surprised about how many cool places there are that you could probably drive to. Take NJ for example- around me there is New York which would take forever to see everything in, Philadelphia (where I took these pictures and discovered some awesome new places in the mean time), Boston, and Delaware (can you say tax free shopping?). Do some research about some cool places to check out, bring your dog and hit the road!
  10. DO NOTHING– That’s right, I’m telling you to be lazy! If things really are going to take off once Summer is over, take this time to relax, rest, and take care of yourself. Your body will thank you when its time to snap into action!

Enjoy whatever it is you decide to do!